CSL: FAQs and Other Info

CSL: FAQs and Other Info

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Users wishing to put their personal computers on the department network should consult the Trusted vs. Untrusted Computers guide; additionally users may request static IP addresses if required
  • Users may request administrative access to their department-provided desktop workstations, in order to install non-supported OSes or have greater control of their research projects
  • A General Linux FAQ is available as a guide to transition from Solaris to Linux on the desktop.
  • Users maintaining personal computers running the Windows XP/2000 operating systems are encouraged to enable automatic updates in order to enhance the Lab's network security.
  • Access to department filestystems and printers is available to users administering their own machines, running the either Windows or MacOS operating systems
  • Wireless access is no longer provided by the department, but users can learn how to register their wireless computers and other devices on the Duke network
  • Backups of personal PCs are available to department faculty
  • Microsoft Windows and Office are available for Duke staff, students and faculty from OIT.