CSL: FAQs and Other Info

CSL: FAQs and Other Info

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Access your email through the web, using Roundcube
  • Prevent email from being harvested from your web pages.
  • Using the CS automated web form handler
    • Administrative access to web form data
  • Users who receive accounts from the CS Lab staff can now retrieve their account information online, by using the Duke NetID.
  • Controlling access to web material
    • A primer on htaccess files, the basis for access control on the web.
    • Using basic authentication, the most flexible method, allowing access for non-Duke-affiliated users, but the most cumbersome, management-wise.
    • Using Shibboleth, which allows easy access to any Duke-affiliated person, with little management required.
    • Using Webauth, a deprecated protocol, similar to Shibboleth, and still required for some legacy operations.