Windows Automatic Updates

Windows Automatic Updates

You should manually update your system to the latest service pack before you configure automatic updates. Go to Windows Update and install all service packs and critical updates.

  • Update Windows 7 via the GUI
  • Update Windows XP via the GUI
  • Update Windows XP via the registry

Windows 7

  1. Open Start → Control Panel → Windows Update → Change settings.

  2. Figure 1. Windows 7 Automatic Updates

  3. The settings in the image above are the default and recommended settings.

Windows XP

Note: You should install Service Pack 3 on your system to obtain the latest automatic updates software.

  1. Open Start → Control Panel → Automatic Updates.
  2. You should configure your windows to look identical to this one:

    Figure 1. Windows XP Automatic Updates

    • Set the radio button next to Automatic (recommended). This is the default setting.
    • Select Every day.
    • The time you select can be whenever is most convenient.
  3. Press the OK button.

For more information on configuring automatic updates in Windows XP:

HOW TO: Configure and Use Automatic Updates in Windows XP

Windows XP - Enabling Automatic Updates via the Registry

See the following Microsoft KB article:

HOW TO: Configure Automatic Upates by Registry Settings