Terminal-based Remote Access

Terminal-based Remote Access

When you remotely login to department computers, you must use a secure connection of some sort. Most UNIX and Mac OSX systems have a Secure Shell program (ssh) installed; solutions for Windows systems are also avaliable. A Secure Shell program is the functional equivalent of telnet or rlogin, but with several advanced features. Most importantly, it provides an encrypted connection between the two machines, making eavesdropping and session hijacking impossible. It also provides X display forwarding, provided you have an X-server running on your local machine. Likewise, it can also provide arbitrary port tunneling between machines, providing a secure connection for any service.

Secure Shells programs also provide secure file-transfer capability, via the sftp (Secure FTP) or scp (Secure Copy) commands. These are secure replacements for the insecure services ftp and rcp.

Secure Shell clients for Windows

This commercial product, which is free for non-commercial purposes, includes sftp capability, and is recommended by the C.S. Lab Staff.

Secure Shell clients for Macintosh

The built-in version of mac terminal is sufficient for all remote access.

This terminal has lots of bells and whistles.

If you have any questions please contact the Lab Staff.