CSL: Updates

CSL: Updates

Emergency Notices

Duke University Emergency Status
Campus-wide site for emergency information.

Network Activity

OIT Service Updates
An outage log of Duke OIT services; check here for campus-wide connectivity and other issues.
Duke Trinity Network Statistics
CS Network Statistics
Dynamic usage stats for the CS internal network.

CSL Wiki

CSL Wiki
A community driven repository of accumulated knowledge

Web Server Statistics

Web Server Status Snapshot
This is a live status snapshot report straight from the Apache web server.
Web Site Access Statistics
Detailed and summary statistics for the previous week ending on Saturday. These are produced by the wwwstat HTTPd Logfile Analysis Software, from UCI-ICS.

CS Database Editors

The use of these editors is restricted to authorized members of the CS department. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Please contact the Lab Staff for access or related problems.

You can login using your NetID, allowing access to all web applications which you have permission to access here; the logout function is provided for future reference, since it does not seem to work at the moment (it was removed from all web application for this reason).

[ Login via NetID | Logout ]
Events editor
Insert and update events displayed on the department colloquia listings
News editor
Insert and update news items in the department news listings
Key Database editor
Tracking system for the department keys
Courses editor
Insert and update semester course listings for the course database (still under development)
People editor
Insert and update information about department members. This information is used both for departmental processes, as well as providing the date for the web site directory listings
Sponsored Accounts management
Tracking system for the sponsored accounts (for use by sponsors and Lab staff)
Purchase Log editor
Purchasing and inventory control for the Lab
Alumni editor
Manage alumni information, as well as control which information is displayed on the alumni directory
Account Database editor
Prototype account management system (restricted to Lab Staff)
Gradudate Program Database
Faculty-developed databse for graduate program tracking, managed by CSL since Fall 2008
Gradudate Applicant application
CSL-developed application for ranking prospective grad students
Visitor schedules
CSL-developed application for scheduling visits of prospective faculty and others.
Automated Web Forms Data Access
Allows administrators to view content of department automated web forms