Instructor Permission to Audit a Course

Print out this form and complete the information requested. Discuss your intention to audit the course with the instructor and obtain signed permission to register as an audit. Return the signed form to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Camelia Pierson-Eaves in LSRC D230)

The following student has discussed his/her intention to AUDIT my course and I grant permission for such registration to be processed for:

Student Name:  
Student ID: Students can find their Student ID at the top of their ACES home page.

Course Number:

Course Section:  
Write in the year of the term you wish to audit:
Fall 20____     Spring 20____     Summer I 20____     Summer II 20 ____
Instructor Signature:  
Instructor Name:

Department of Computer Science use. Faxed to Registrar (684-4500):
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