Bursar Bill

Around July 1 the Bursar's office will prepare the bills for Fall semester for all students in the Ph.D. program. All part-time and Master's students will have a bill generated at the time they register for classes. It is the responsibility of the student to review their bursar bill for accuracy and to see that payment is made before the start of classes each semester. Any questions regarding your bursar account should be brought to the attention of the Graduate Program Coordinator in the CS department.

Charges for the academic year 2008-2009, per semester:

Tuition $ 15,550
Registration fee 2,545
Health fee 284
Recreation fee 34
Activity fee 15.75
Transcript fee (one time charge) 40
Health insurance (annual premium) variable by age

Explanation of fees:

Tuition This is the only variable charge that is degree-dependent. For the Ph.D. program, tuition is on a flat rate that reflects full-time enrollment or 12 units (four courses). Regardless of whether you register for three or four courses, the tuition still is shown on your bursar account as this flat rate.
For a MS student, this line item is calculated based on the actual number of courses for which you register. For example, two courses (six units @ $1037) would cost $6,222, three courses $9,333 and so on.
Registration Fee This $2545 fee is charged each semester you are registered. Later, when all course requirements are completed and you are just doing your research, you still have to register as Continuation and the appropriate rate for the registration fee is charged, though tuition would no longer show on your bursar bill.
Student Activity Fee The department does not pay this for any graduate students. You are responsible for paying this $15.75 fee each semester.
Recreation Fee This $34 fee is charged each semester and gives you access to the various sports/recreational facilities. This fee can be waived only if the student is not present on campus for a specific term.
Health Fee This $284 fee is charged each semester and is required of all students unless they are non-resident for a semester, such as when participating in an internship off-campus. This fee covers the costs of the services provided by the student health center and differs from health insurance which provides major medical coverage.
Transcript fee This is a one time charge which is assessed on all new students. It enables you to get unlimited transcripts later from the Registrar. The Department does not pay this for any graduate students. You are responsible for paying this $40.

So what do I owe for Fall semester?

As a Ph.D. student on graduate fellowship you would be responsible to pay:

One-time transcript fee $ 40
Activity fee 15.75

As a Master's student, taking three courses you would pay:

Tuition (9 hrs required for full-time status and visa compliance) $ 9,333
Registration fee 2,545
Health fee 284
Health insurance (or provide proof of coverage to waive it) 1,489-2,105
Transcript fee: one time charge 40
Activity fee 15.75
Recreation fee 34