Graduate Committees

Graduate Liaison

These individuals act as liaisons between graduate students and the Department administration in communicating student needs and concerns. A major responsibility of the Graduate Liaisons is to convene student meetings each semester to elicit information about student concerns and issues that they wish to have presented to administration and faculty for review and resolution. In addition, this person helps organize social activities for the students and works closely with the Graduate Program Coordinator to communicate both university-wide and departmental issues of relevance to the graduate students.

Liaisons: Marisabel Guevara, Yezhou Huang

GPSC Representative

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) acts as a liaison between Arts & Sciences administration and the students. GPSC holds biweekly meetings, typically lasting one hour. Each department is entitled to one representative, but two persons may share representing the department, alternating attendance at meetings.

CS Representatives: Janardhan Kulkarni and Seyed Majid Zahedi

Graduate Recruitment Committee

Graduate students play a vital role in the recruitment of future graduate students -- from the point of being a prospective applicant through to newly matriculated student. This committee works closely with the Graduate Program Coordinator and Recruitment Chair in identifying prospective applicants, participating in various campus visits by prospectives, promoting the graduate program when attending conferences, and coordinating activities for admits attending a special recruitment weekend in early April. This committee works in close collaboration with the departmental Graduate Program Committee, which has a student representative as well.

Representatives: Bala Chandrasekaran, Alexandros Iliopoulos, Andrew Kephart

Graduate Program Committee (Rep)

This person represents graduate students concerning curricular issues and recruiting activities, and is also an ex officio member of the Graduate Recruitment Committee.

Representative: Alexandros Iliopoulos

Graduate Student Mentors

Members of this committee assist new graduate students in acclimating to Duke and the CS Department. Mentors communicate with new students through e-mail prior to their arrival and greet and assist them upon arrival. They serve as a constant resource that the new student can come to with concerns or questions, providing a special one-on-one relationship. If interested in serving as a new student mentor please contact the DGS office.

Leader: Marisabel Guevara

Departmental Infrastructure Committee (Rep)

This person represents graduate student issues regarding the computing environment and research needs at meetings of the CS lab staff.

Representative: Valentin Pistol

Graduate Office Lottery

Administrator: Muhammed Ahsan

Social Activities & Recreation Committee

This committee coordinates the social activities for graduate students within the Department. Typically such events are scheduled for Friday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00.  Members are encouraged to solicit other students to assist with setup/cleanup for special theme TGIF's such as holiday theme parties, movie nights, and international food tastings.The Department financial office provides guidelines for purchasing refreshments for these events

Organizers: Hieu Bui, Animesh Srivastava, Ben Stoddard

Graduate Student Retreat Committee

The members of the Grad Retreat Committee plan the retreat for all grad students, which is typically held every other year at the Duke Marine Lab. The retreat usually includes workshops, talks by students and/or faculty, a poster session, and lots of social time. The student leaders listed here will form a larger committee as needed.

Organizers: Ilker (Nadi) Bozkurt, Ali Razeen

Communications Committee (Rep)

This person serves as student representative in discussions regarding various media utilized to promote the Department and the graduate program.

Representative: TBD