Mail, Faxes, Copier, etc.

Address for educational mail:
Your Name
Duke University
Department of Computer Science
LSRC Building D101
308 Research Drive
Campus Box 90129 *
Durham, NC 27708-0129

*Campus Box # is required on incoming mail

You will be assigned a mailbox and given a key to your mailbox. The mailboxes are located on the first floor across from D106.  Personal mail should be sent to your residential address, but educational mail can be sent to the department.

Mail is delivered once in the mid-morning and again after lunch Monday-Friday. There are 3 mailboxes that are designated for outgoing mail. These boxes are located on the top row on the right hand side of the mailboxes. They are labeled: Campus, Metered, Stamped. Put your outgoing mail in the appropriate box and the mailperson will pick it up.


You can also have packages sent to the department. One of our staff will sign for them and notify you by e-mail when your package has arrived.

Postage Stamps

You may purchase stamps and ship packages at the US Postal substations located on campus. See Duke Postal Operations for more information.


From time to time you will need to use of one of the copier machines within the department. All students are asked to be judicious in their use of the copy equipment and to limit their use to course related needs.

The copier on 1st floor of LSRC is mostly delegated for student use and you may obtain a copier code from Gail Smith in office D128. Should you experience copier problems, please report them to Gail or send an e-mail to Paper for restocking the copier will be available in the vacinity of the copier.

Occasionally you will require a copier with more advanced features. In that case see one of the administrative staff on 2nd or 3rd floor for assistance with those machines. In general, you will receive a copier code for the machines on 2nd and 3rd floor when doing a teaching assistantship and having a higher demand for advanced services.


A fax machine is located in the mailroom on the first floor of the LSRC. Our fax number is (919) 660-6519. If a fax comes for you, one of our staff will put it in your mailbox. Please be sure to tell the sender to put your name on the fax. If a fax comes without a name it may be thrown away. To send a fax to a long distance number, bring a calling card to pay for the long distance charges. Calling cards are the only method accepted for sending long distance faxes.


Dial 9 for an outside line. To make a call within our department, just dial the last 4 digits. Student phones do NOT have long distance or voice mail features.