Minor Degrees


Beginning with the class that matriculates at Duke in 2012 the requirements below define the minor degrees. The classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015 can use either these new requirements or the previous requirements which can be found here.

Minor in Computer Science

The Minor in Computer Science consists of five courses in computer science including the prerequisite. At least four courses must be at the 200-level or above.


  • COMPSCI 101L (06) or equivalent


  • COMPSCI 201 (100) and 250 (104)

NOTE: All five courses must be CompSci courses. EGR 103 is not a CompSci course and does not count for the minor.

Minor in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


  • MATH 111L, MATH 112L, and a 100-level statistics course


  • Five courses at the 200 level or above (not including the prerequisites); three from computer science and two from biology, as follows: Computer Science 201, Computer Science 260.
  • One course from Computer Science 216, 220, 224, 270, 316, or any 500-level course, or as approved by the director of undergraduate studies in computer science, e.g., an independent study in an area related to bioinformatics or computational biology.
  • Biology 201L; one biology course from the following: 220, 251, 214L, 414LS, 556, 413L or as approved by the director of undergraduate studies in computer science in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies in biology.

Note: Pre-fall 2012 course numbers are shown in parenthesis.