Undergraduate Awards Presented 2014

May 12, 2014

Emily DeNardis

Congratulations to recipients of the 2014 undergraduate student awards which were presented at commencement ceremonies on May 11.

Alex Vasilos Memorial Awards

Friends and colleagues of the late Alex Vasilos donated the Alex Vasilos Memorial Award to the Department of Computer Science to recognize deserving students. This year's recipients are:

  • Niel Lebeck
    For excellence in research and coursework including graduation with highest distinction, superb work in courses at Duke and sophistication and depth in all intellectual endeavors.

  • Melissa Dalis
    For outstanding support of the undergraduate program at Duke including the student ACM chapter and the UTA program, and for achievement in research including graduation with high distinction.

  • Becky DeNardis (1993-2014)
    For being one of the top academic students in many years, for outstanding contributions to the UTA program, for creating and instilling a sense of purpose and excellence.

Graduation with Distinction

Graduation with Distinction is awarded to students who complete a substantial project, representing at least one-year's work that includes at least one independent study, under the guidance of a faculty member. The project represents a significant intellectual endeavor and requires a presentation made to a committee of three faculty members.

Graduation with Highest Distinction


Niel Lebeck
Advisor: Pankaj Agarwal
Computing Highly Occluded Paths on a Terrain

Graduation with High Distinction


Melissa Dalis
Advisor: Vincent Conitzer
Beat the Cheater: Computing Game-Theoretic Strategies for When to Kick a Gambler Out of a Casino


Ian McMahon
Advisor: Susan Rodger
Extending the Capabilities of JFLAP
C-SURF Fellow

Graduation with Distinction


Dwayne (Chris) Brown
Advisor: Susan Rodger
Integrating Computing Into Middle School Mathematics


Brian Bullins
Advisor: Alexander Hartemink
Modeling Bias in DNase-seq Data for Improved Chromatin Occupancy Prediction
C-SURF Fellow

Yu-Ann Niou
Advisor: Richard Lucic
Web App Design-Full Stack