Undergraduate Awards Presented 2015

May 11, 2015

Congratulations to recipients of the 2015 undergraduate student awards which were presented at commencement ceremonies on May 10.

Alex Vasilos Memorial Award

Michael Gloudemans

Friends and colleagues of the late Alex Vasilos donated the Alex Vasilos Memorial Award to the Department of Computer Science to recognize deserving students. This year's recipient:

Michael Gloudemans
For excellence in research and coursework including graduation with highest distinction, superb work in courses at Duke, and sophistication and depth in his intellectual achievements.

DeNardis Memorial Award

Lalita Maraj

Framily, friends and colleagues of the late Rebecca DeNardis donated the Rebecca DeNardis Memorial Award to the Department of Computer Science to recognize deserving students for creating and instilling a sense of purpose and excellence. This year's recipient:

Lalita Maraj
For outstanding academic curiosity and excellence, support and service to individuals and organizations, and for inspiring others to achieve by being a quiet and effective leader.

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Projects

Graduation with Distinction is awarded to students who complete a substantial project that consists of at least one year's work, including an independent study under the guidance of a faculty member. The project represents a significant intellectual endeavor and requires a presentation made to a committee of three faculty members.

Graduation with Highest Distinction

  • Michael Gloudemans
    Advisor: Alexander Hartemink
    Explicit modeling and correction of DNase sequence bias clarifies transcription factor and nucleosome footprinting

Graduation with High Distinction

  • Mollie Breen
    Advisor: Robert Calderbank
    Community Detection on Duke Undergraduate Course Selection Data: Louvain Method and Map Equation Applied to Weighted, Undirected and Directed Networks

Graduation with Distinction

  • Katherine Cummings
    Advisor: Owen Astrachan
    Research and Analysis of the Technical, Legal, and Social Aspects of the Digital World, as Applied to Blown to Bits Through Creative Commons

  • Samantha Huerta
    Advisor: Susan Rodger
    Mathematical Integration of ALICE Programming in Middle School Curriculum

  • Kyle Moran
    Advisor: Alexander Hartemink
    Investigating New Directions in Cellular Image Annotation

  • Zanele Munyikwa
    Advisor: Jeffrey Forbes
    Compositional Approaches for Document Level Sentiment Analysis

  • Rui Xu
    Advisor: Richard Lucic
    Full Stack Web Application Development: A Calendar Analytics Tool that Builds Your Productivity