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"Big Data at Large" Workshop Held by Pankaj Agarwal and Shivnath Babu

Profile of Ashwin Machanavajjhala's Research

Profile of Guillermo Sapiro's Research

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Alice Workshops Led By Susan Rodger

TechConnect 2012

Grad Student Retreat

Department Hosts ACM Programming Contest

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Bruce Donald Named James B. Duke Distinguished Professor

Vince Conitzer Receives PECASE Award

CS Welcomes Ashwin Machanavajjhala

CS Welcomes Guillermo Sapiro

CS Welcomes Peter Lorensen

CS Welcomes Tabitha Peck

Grad Student Alum Profile: Lars Nyland

Grad Student Alum Profile: Dana Nau

Grad Student Profile: Susanna Ricco

Joe Guetler Receives Staff Award

In Memoriam: Thomas Naylor

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Alice Workshops Led by Susan Rodger
It was back to school for about 25 secondary teachers who probably felt a bit like Alice … in programming land. The teachers, mostly from across North Carolina, spent two weeks in June at the Department of Computer Science learning how to use and integrate the computer programming language Alice into their curricula. more »
Image and Video Processing and Analysis
From the moment of his introduction to it, Guillermo Sapiro was hooked on image processing. "I went to all the lectures, and this was the one that excited me the most," the professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering recalled. more »
Grad Student Retreat
About 55 students worked and played at the third biennial Department of Computer Science graduate student retreat at Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort. "It was a fantastic experience and a break from work," noted second-year Ph.D. student Puneet Jain. more »
Alum Profile: Lars Nyland
Lars Nyland's first experience with programming was in high school, when his physics teacher introduced him to a Monroe Digital Calculator. Soon after, he was invited with five other classmates to the US Naval Academy to work with the Dartmouth Time-Sharing system, programming in BASIC. more »
Alum Profile: Dana Nau
At the University of Maryland (UMD) they held a special symposium last year to celebrate Dana Nau's 60th birthday and to honor their renowned Professor of Computer Science's contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). more »
"Big Data at Large" Workshop
Big data is a big deal — and so was this summer’s "Big Data at Large" Workshop. "A seminar or workshop like this just doesn’t happen," said Shivnath Babu, one of three organizers. The workshop was sponsored by the Army Research Office and drew about 45 participants from a broad spectrum of disciplines. more »
Statistical Privacy
Ashwin Machanavajjhala, the department's newest faculty member, specializes in algorithms for storing and analyzing big data. He joined the Systems and Architecture research group on July 1 and submitted a research proposal to the Early Career Development Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF). more »
Summer Undergraduate Enrichment
About 25 undergraduate students spent this summer at the Department of Computer Science, working for faculty on a variety of projects. The students — about two-thirds from Duke — spent ten weeks delving into computational biology, computational economics, mobile security, virtual reality and more. more »
TechConnect 2012
A "fabulous attendance" is how Dean Robert Calderbank described the gathering of students and company representatives at the Fall 2012 TechConnect. The annual networking and career education event drew more than 400 eager students. more »
Student Profile: Susanna Ricco
As Ph.D candidate Susanna Ricco prepares to graduate in summer 2013, she knows she wants to continue working in computer vision or with problems in artificial intelligence. The idea is to be able to determine and follow the path of any point in a video throughout a sequence. more »
CSers to Grace Hopper
The Department made its biggest showing of students this year at the 12th annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Twenty-three students attended the conference, which is designed to increase the visibility of women’s contributions and to allow for networking and mentoring. more »
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