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Profile of Tabitha Peck's research

C-SURF Fellows named

Undergrad Research Poster Day

Owen Astrachan leads AP compsci course project

Bruce Donald develops carbon nanotube spear

Landon Cox develops ScreenPass

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DREEM Robotics

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TechConnect 2013 Spring

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Alex Hartemink promoted

Jun Yang receives teaching award

Robert Calderbank awarded Hamming Medal

Undergraduate awards presented

Grad Student Profile: Marisabel Guevara

Gail Smith retires

CS welcomes Kathleen Williams

CS welcomes Roberta Moore

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Owen Astrachan Leads AP Computer Science Course Project
Owen Astrachan Leads Project to Create AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam; NSF Provides $5.2M for Implementation. Professor Astrachan credits a large team effort, including an important role played by Duke CS outreach coordinator Brook Osborne. more »
Tabitha Peck's Research: Virtual Embodiment
The room is unexceptional but for a mirror on the wall that grabs your attention. You look in the mirror. Is it really you? Your skin color is different! You wave and the image waves back, tracking and mirroring your movements seamlessly. more »
Jun Yang Receives Brooks Award for Teaching Excellence
For Jun Yang, computer science means creativity. Whether he’s at the computer terminal or talking with others about the topic, he enjoys the inspiring and innovative moments computer science brings him. more »
Bruce Donald and Colleagues Develop Carbon Nanotube Spear
The new brain cell spear is a millimeter long, only a few nanometers wide and harnesses the superior electromechanical properties of carbon nanotubes to capture electrical signals from individual neurons. more »
Robert Calderbank Awarded Hamming Medal
Robert Calderbank has been awarded the 2013 Richard W. Hamming Medal from the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The medal is given in recognition of exceptional contributions to information sciences, systems and technology. more »
Grad Student Profile: Marisabel Guevara
In male-dominated fields like engineering and computer science, young women sometimes struggle to find mentors they can identify with and model their careers after. That was not the case with Duke graduate student Marisabel Guevara. more »
Landon Cox Develops ScreenPass
Imagine downloading a NetFlix app to your phone so that you can watch movies on the go. You would expect the app to request your account's username and password the first time it runs. Most apps do. But, not all apps are what they appear to be. They can steal log-in and password information. more »
Alex Hartemink Promoted
For Alex Hartemink, a recent promotion to full professor is a career advancement in a field it took him a while to discover. “I actually started out in math and physics, and eventually pursued a master’s in economics. But, these were a bit less tangible than I wanted,”¯ he said. more »
DREEM Robotics
Durham middle schoolers involved in the Duke Robotics Education, Enrichment and Mentoring project had the Levine Science Research Center buzzing on a spring Saturday when they gathered with their Duke undergraduate mentors to show off their Mars rover-inspired robots to family and friends. more »
Alice Symposium and Workshops
Teachers taking a follow-up programming workshop this summer scored a bonus with a chance to participate in the third Alice Symposium, co-run on the Duke campus by Professors Susan Rodger of Duke University, Steve Cooper of Stanford University, and Wanda Dann of Carnegie Mellon University. more »
TechConnect 2013 Spring
The spring session of TechConnect continues to grow, with 32 businesses registered and about 350 computer science and engineering students attending the biannual networking event's fourth spring edition. TechConnect provides companies that have technical interests with priority access to students before the Duke Career Fair. more »
Undergraduate Research Poster Day
Six computer science undergraduates presented research projects during the 2013 Computer Science Undergraduate Research Poster Day. Benjamin Berg and Derek Zhou received “Best Poster” recognition. The event recognizes the achievements of C-SURF participants and other Graduation with Distinction candidates. more »
CS Welcomes Roberta Moore
The Department welcomes Roberta Moore as Research Post-Award Compliance Coordinator. Her efforts in this new position add needed capacity in the Department’s research administration office. Roberta brings with her twelve years of experience in research and grants administration. more »
CS Welcomes Kathleen Williams
The Department is pleased to welcome Kathleen Williams as Graduate Program and Department Assistant. “Stepping into the shoes of Gail Smith, who retired after 28 years with Computer Science is a pleasure and an honor,” Kathleen said recently. She should know, having worked with Gail for a number of years in the past. more »
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