Extensible Transport Switching

Anypoint is a new model for one-to-many communication with ensemble sites---aggregations of end nodes that appear to the external Internet as a unified site. Anypoint routers reside at the network edge, redirecting individual client requests among the ensemble members. The extensible architecture allows routing policies to be defined by application-layer plugins in the switch.

Anypoint is the first general indirection approach that operates at the transport layer at the granularity of frames. The transport-layer solution enables reliable, ordered, rate-controlled Anypoint communication, complementing IP-layer approaches(e.g., Anycast and i3), which support wide-area ensembles but provide only best-effort packet delivery. By leveraging transports with framing, our approach is amenable to implementation on high-speed switches and routers.

Anypoint contributions:

New Paper:

  • Explicit Rate Control for Anypoint Communication by Ken Yocum and Jeff Chase. In submission, Technical report CS-2004-05, July 2004.

  • Anypoint: Extensible Transport Switching on the Edge by Ken Yocum, Darrell Anderson, Jeff Chase, and Amin Vahdat. In USITS 2003.

    Our position paper briefly motivates and describes our approach.


    Ken Yocum