Developing Applications

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Creating Your Own Applications

Before creating your own applications and data structures, please read about
conits and assumptions about their structure. Also, refer to the Java docs for more information.

Guidelines for Data Structures:


Using the API

Four methods defined in servicecache's StateManager class are available to applications/data structures. These few operations allow applications to implement many different policies for maintaining consistency.

Transforming Classes

After the data structures are compiled, they should be transformed to use the Ivory infrastructure through the API. This transformation can be done by hand or using the transformation classes that are in the xform directory. The xform directory contains the script we used to transform the test applications. We plan to have a toolkit to simplify transformation in the near future. The test applications use a combination of by-hand and automatic transformation.

Guidelines for Applications:

Ivory can be used to ease development of other applications. We believe that the only Ivory-related class that will need to be modified is the StateManager class. Ivory has some hardcoded variables--such as nextPullMillisthe time delay for pulling updates
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