The Java Object Instrumentation Environment :: ISSG :: JOIE last update: 05/01/2003


JOIE is work in progress and currently there is only a beta version available.
Please report any bugs to

The JOIE distribution contains source code, javadoc and the classfiles in a jar-archive.

Addionally there is an ANT make file to simplify compiling the source files and testing the examples.
To run the ANT make file you have to download the current ANT distribution first. (

joie0.9beta.jar the official release including sourcecode and javadoc 05/01/2003
joie.jar only the classfiles of version 0.9beta 05/01/2003

Note: The examples are still part of this distribution but they will be provided seperately in the future.

Installation Notes

To install JOIE simply unpack the source files to an arbitrary directory. If you only want to use the class library make sure that the file joie.jar is in the class path.
To run the examples use the ANT make file or start them explicitly (e.g. java joie.examples.capability.CapabilityTransformer).

Known Problems

  • Inner classes are not supported yet.
  • The DominatorTraversal needs to be fixed. Please use the AllTraversal or BlockTraversal instead.