USENIX Copyright Policy for Electronic Distribution

USENIX Association grants permission to reprint its material with the caveat that it not be used for commercial purposes. To properly reprint a paper or article that was originally published in one of the USENIX publications (Conference Proceedings or the bimonthly newsletter, ;login:). we request that you do the following: Once you have obtained the author's permission, please place the following footnote at the bottom of the first page of your article: Permission has been granted by the USENIX Association to reprint the above paper/article. This paper/article was originally published in the USENIX Association Conference Proceedings/ ;login:, Month/Volume, 199x. Copyright (Add symbol C within a circle) USENIX Association, 199x. It is important that you select the correct words (paper or article) and fill in the appropriate date, volume and year. To reprint papers that were originally published in the Computing Systems journal, you must contact the publisher, University of California Press Journals department, for permission. Their phone number is 510/642-7485 and email address is If you any further questions, please contact: Carolyn S. Carr Publications Manager 510/528-8649 (voice) USENIX Association 510/548-5738 (FAX)