Gigabit Networking with FreeBSD


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Table of Contents

Gigabit Networking with FreeBSD

The Trapeze Project

Project Elements

A Peek Inside


Trapeze Messaging in a Nutshell

Adaptive Message Pipelining

Experiments with Gigabit+ TCP/IP

TPZ/IP Motivation, Part I

TPZ/IP Motivation, Part II

Plan of Attack


TCP/IP Host Overheads: Before

Zero-Copy Sockets

Zero-Copy Send

Zero-Copy Receive

TPZ/IPon Monet/Lanai-7

300MHz Pentium-II/Lanai-4: All Optimizations

450MHz Pentium-II/Lanai-4: All Optimizations

Overhead Revisited

LANs as a Storage Backplane

The Old Way: Volume Partitioning

Decoupling Block I/O from File Managers

Distributed Block I/O in Slice


Slice Cluster File Service

Slice/Trapeze I/O Bandwidth


Author: Jeff Chase

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