The Trapeze Project

The goal of the Trapeze project is to develop new techniques for high-speed communication and fast access to stored data in workstation clusters, and to demonstrate their use in prototypes of enhanced Unix systems. The platform for this work is a cluster of DEC/Compaq Alpha and Intel-based workstations linked by Myrinet and Alteon interconnects.

We also serve as a source of information and working code for other research groups using Myrinet. Our group has experience developing Myrinet firmware and TCP/IP-capable Myrinet drivers for Intel and Alpha-based systems. On this site you will find information about available drivers for Digital Unix and FreeBSD, the Trapeze firmware and messaging interface, I/O system performance of workstation platforms we have tested, hints on developing Myrinet firmware and drivers, and the status of ongoing work on the Global Memory Service (GMS) and Slice, a network memory and storage system layered on Trapeze/Myrinet.



Trapeze is supported by the National Science Foundation (through awards CCR-96-24857, CDA-95-12356, EIA-9972879, and EIA-9870724), and by Duke University, Myricom Inc., and Alteon Inc. We are especially grateful to Intel Corporation for providing much of the hardware in our cluster testbed through the Education 2000 initiative. Chase and Lebeck are supported by NSF CAREER Young Investigator awards.
Jeff Chase
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