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  The equipment used in this work was provided by the National Science Foundation, Intel Corporation, and Myricom Inc. We would like to thank Bob Felderman of Myricom for his frequent technical assistance, and Myricom for making LANai-5 prototypes available. We also thank Ted Schroeder and Alteon Networks for their support and for releasing Tigon-II documentation and firmware to research groups.

The FreeBSD port to the Alpha platforms is due to Doug Rabson. Don Rice at Compaq Workstation Engineering has given us invaluable assistance with the FreeBSD/Alpha Monet platform support. Bill Paul wrote the FreeBSD driver for the Tigon-II Gigabit Ethernet cards. We thank Phillip Ezolt and Digital/Compaq's High Performance Servers/Benchmark Performance Engineering group for making iprobe available as open source.

Jenise Swall introduced us to S-Plus and provided much-needed assistance in coercing this tool to produce our graphs.

Jeff Chase