CompSci 408
Fall 2020
Delivering Software:
From Concept to Client
The exact order and details of these topics is subject to change during the semester based on the pace needed.
Topic Resources Date Schedule Due
Sprint 0 - Discovery (Understand the Problem)
Week 1
Software in Context
Empathy in UX Design
Ethical Principles for Humane Technology
Aug 17 Course Overview
Experiencing Software as a User
Aug 18    
Aug 19 Guest: Nicki Washington
Bias in Software Design
Aug 20    
Aug 21   Project Preferences, 12pm
Aug 22    
Aug 23    
Week 2
Working in Teams
Think Globally, Code Locally
Human Change Management
Mythical Man Month
Aug 24 Student and Client Expectations
Prepare for to Meet your Client
Aug 25    
Aug 26 Guest: Kim Andrikaitis
Working Remotely (Slides)
Aug 27   Warmup Spike, Phase 1, 12pm
Aug 28    
Aug 29   Team Contract, 12pm
Aug 30    
Sprint 1 - Pretotype (Mockup UI with Navigation)
Week 3
Design Thinking
User Story Tips
Pretotype It
Pretotyping Manifesto
Aug 31 Guest: Workshop Inc
Design Thinking
User Research Worksheet
Sep 01   Executive Summary, 12pm
Sep 02 Guest: Workshop Inc
User Personas and Stories
Proto Personas Worksheet
Sep 03   Warmup Spike, Phase 2, 12pm
Sep 04    
Sep 05   Project Contract, 12pm
Sep 06    
Week 4
Managing with Agile
Scrum Guide
Product Backlog
Scrum Patterns
Apple, Android, and Web UI Guidelines
Sep 07 Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Video Part 1 and Part 2
Sep 08   User Interview Report, 12pm
Sep 09 Guest: RA Informatics
Agile Software Development Process
Sep 10    
Sep 11    
Sep 12    
Sep 13    
Sprint 2 - Prototype (Most Basic Features)
Week 5
Project Planning
Agile Sprint Planning
Definition of Done
What is Kanban?
Sep 14 In-class Presentations Pretotype Demo, during class
Sep 15    
Sep 16 Guest: Mary Thorn
Agile Project Planning
Planning Poker
Project Plan (in Wiki), 12pm
Sep 17    
Sep 18    
Sep 19   Project Plan (in Issues), 12pm
Sep 20    
Week 6
Automating Testing
Software Testing - Overview
Test Automation Strategy
You Are Not Done Yet
Sep 21 Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Sep 22   Wireframe Test Report, 12pm
Sep 23 Guest: Matthew Weinstock
Test Planning (Slides)
Sep 24    
Sep 25    
Sep 26    
Sep 27   Prototype Demo, 12pm
Sprint 3 - Baseline Prototype (Core Functionality)
Week 7
UX Design
Most Important Scrum Ceremony
Release Management Best Practices
Why Users Like Mindless Choices
Usability 101
Sep 28 Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Retrospective with Kim Andrikaitis
Baseline Milestone Planning, 12pm
Sep 29    
Sep 30 Release Management
Guest: Sean Aery
Usability in Software Development
UX Review
Test Plan,12pm
Oct 01    
Oct 02    
Oct 03   Release Management Plan, 12pm
Oct 04    
Week 8
Agile Working
What is Agile Mindset?
Agile versus Cowboy Coding
Will Tech Ever Take Ethics Seriously?
Evolution in Software Delivery
Oct 05 Ethics of Privacy Discussion
Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Team Review, 12pm
Oct 06    
Oct 07 IBM "Field Trip"  
Oct 08    
Oct 09    
Oct 10    
Oct 11   Baseline Demo, 12pm
Sprint 4 - Alpha (Partial Full Functionality)
Week 9
Using Ethics In Web Design
Why Is Software Architecture Important
Architecture Decisions
Oct 12 Ethics Discussion
Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Alpha Milestone Planning, 12pm
Team Contract v2, 12pm
Oct 13    
Oct 14 Guest: Danai Adkisson
Cloud Deployment Strategies
Oct 15   User Testing #2, 12pm
Oct 16    
Oct 17   Design Justification, 12pm
Oct 18    
Week 10
Ethical App Development
A11y Digital Accessibility Guidelines
Accessibility Guidelines: Android, iOS, and Web
Oct 19 Ethics Discussion
Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Oct 20    
Oct 21 Guest: Joel Crawford-Smith
UX Design for Accessibility
Accessibility Review
Oct 22    
Oct 23    
Oct 24   User Test Report
Oct 25   Alpha Demo, 12pm
Sprint 5 - Beta (Full Functionality)
Week 11
Agile Review
Towards Ethics By Default
See Crunch as Failure
Oracle v. Google Articles
Oct 26 Ethics Discussion
Team Cohort Peer Reviews
Beta Milestone Planning, 12pm
Oct 27    
Oct 28 Guest: Owen Astrachan
Expert Witness - Oracle v. Google
Oct 29   Team Review, 12pm
Oct 30    
Oct 31    
Nov 01    
Week 12
Comparison of Software Licenses
Pick a License, Any License
Open Source Ethical Considerations
Nov 02 Ethics Discussion
Agile Metrics Checkin
Nov 03    
Nov 04 Guest: Arnetta Girardeau
Open Source Licensing
Nov 05   Final User Testing, 12pm
Nov 06    
Nov 07    
Nov 08   Beta Demo, 12pm
Sprint 6 - Production (Robust Full Functionality)
Week 13
Software Ethics
Ethical Design: Getting-Started
Checklist for Handing Off a Software Project
Why Care About Documentation
Nov 09 In-class User Testing
Production Milestone Planning, 12pm
Nov 10   Final Team Contract, 12pm
Nov 11 Guest: Ethical Tech @Duke  
Nov 12   License Justification, 12pm
Nov 13    
Nov 14    
Nov 15    
Week 14
Final Demos
No Silver Bullet
Working Ethically At Speed
Scrum Is Modern Agile
The Failure of Agile
Nov 16 In-class Demo of Final Version User Test Report, 12pm
Production Demo, during class
Nov 17   Final Team Review, 12pm
Nov 18    
Nov 19    
Nov 20   Documentation and Handoff, 12pm
Nov 21   App Functionality Demo, 12pm
Nov 22   Ethics Analysis, 12pm