CompSci 4 Student Assignment 8 Projects - Spring 2005

These are snapshots of interactive games students did either individually or with another student. All of the objects and scenery already exist. Students selected the objects and placed them in their virtual world. Then they programmed the objects to do something.

(Voted First Place!) Two teams try to get the balls in cups. The teams take turns.
(Voted 2cd place!) The cat must catch the three mice before the dog catches the cat.
(Voted 3rd Place!) Get three frogs across the field to the three lily pads.
(Voted 4th place!) The lightbulbs disappear and you have to click them to get them back.
However, there are ball obstacles that are randomly moving around in
your way, don't click them!
Click on a goal and try to shoot the ball in the basket.
Bunnies move randomly. For each bunny you can click on,
farmer shoos it away and a broccoli appears.
Control the bunny by making it move forward, hop, or hop high.
Try to get the bunny through the course.
The butterfly moves randomly, the bunny tries to catch the butterfly.
Control the car through the hoops using arrow keys.
The balls move and spin randomly. Try to click on the yellow ball as many times as you can.
The player asks the contestants questions and then chooses one of them.
The random guy must try to find out which one of the ladies is his partner.
Get the frog to the pond.
The basketball game horse. You control the nerd shooting.
Click the ball through the goalpost to knock the monkey off.
Try to catch the two fish.
Click on the turtle that hides.
Slot machine game.
Control spaceship to dodge comets.
Play tictactoe.
Get the frog across the road safely.