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CompSci 4 (Spring 2006)
Tentative Schedule

a work in progress ....

Note that most of the links will initially be inactive or point to last semester's work. They will, in time, point to the current work. Meanwhile, the text associated with the links will give you and idea of the topics to be covered.

Text references are chapters from the course textbook: Java Concepts (4th Edition) by Cay Horstmann.

#) Date
Classwork Assignments
1) Thu 1/12
Chap 1
A Simple Web Page (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
The game of NIM Homework 0 assigned
2) Tue 1/17
Chap 2
Intro to Java: Anatomy of a Class,
Terminology (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
Pong Homework 0 due
Homework 1 assigned
3) Thu 1/19
Chap 3
Data Types, Operations (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)  
4) Tue 1/24
Video Game Package (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Wackadot Homework 1 due
Homework 2 assigned
5) Thu 1/26
Chap 4
Graphics (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Wackadot  
6) Tue 1/31
Chap 5
Applets & Video Games (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Pong Homework 2 due (Wednesday)
7) Thu 2/2
Chap 6
Decisions (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Pong Homework 3 assigned
8) Tue 2/7

Review for Exam 1
9) Thu 2/9 Exam 1
10) Tue 2/14 Chap 7 Iteration (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Homework 3 due (Wednesday)
11) Thu 2/16 Chap 8 Collections (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
12) Tue 2/21 Chap 10 Debugging (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) buggy.jar
13) Thu 2/23 Car Race: Arrays and Loops Car Race
14) Tue 2/28 Car Race: Colors (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Car Race (cont) Homework 4 assigned
15) Thu 3/2 Adding Levels to Your Game Wackadot with Levels
16) Tue 3/7 Adding Splash Screens Wackadot mods
17) Thu 3/9 Catch-up   Homework 4 due
Tue 3/14 Spring Break
Thu 3/16 Spring Break
18) Tue 3/21 Review for Exam 2
19) Thu 3/23 Exam 2 Final Project out
20) Tue 3/28 Chap 9 Software Design (Classes, Methods, and Parameters) (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Breakout Examples
21) Thu 3/30 Presentations of Project Proposals Proposal Presentations due
Team Declaration due (Friday)
22) Tue 4/4 Individual Assistance with Game Design Work on Project
23) Thu 4/6 Splash Screens and Scrolling Games Scroller Example  
24) Tue 4/11 Searching and Sorting (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt) Work on Project
25) Thu 4/13   Systems of Objects GroupSprite Example
Work on Project
26) Tue 4/18 Progress Presentation Work on Project Progress Report due
27) Thu 4/20 The Last 10% (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
Javadoc (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
28) Tue 4/25 Playing Against the Computer (pdf) (4pdf) (ppt)
Last day of Class
Mon 5/1 FINAL: Project Presentations 9:00am-12:00pm, LSRC D106 Project Presentation Guidelines

Note: this calendar is tentative. The topics covered may be slightly rearranged. The final project may also be slightly adjusted, but the exams will remain as scheduled. A deans excuse will be required to make up any exams missed.