Fall 2001


Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms

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The course builds on the study of the analysis and implementation of data structures and algorithms from CPS100. The goal is to introduce a number of important algorithms that are interesting both from a practical and theoretical point of view.

Some specific topics include: deterministic and randomized sorting and searching algorithms, depth and breadth first search graph algorithms for finding paths and matchings, and algebraic algorithms for fast multiplication and linear system solving.


John H. Reif

Teaching Assistant

Apratim Roy

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Kevin Lacker

Class Meetings

Tuesday, Thursday 10:55AM-12:10PM Levine Science Research Center B101


130.1R    Wednesday 10:30      129 SocPsych

130.2R    Thursday 2:15      116 OldChem

130.3R      Friday 1:10         127 SocPsych


Introduction to Algorithms, Second Edition by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein (MIT Press, 2001). (bugs)


CPS 100 or equivalent and four semesters of college mathematics.


Class grade will probably be based on:


Here is a collection of the JAWAA animations we've used in class. (Revised JAWAA documentation.)