How To Start a Server

1. Open SSH Secure Shell Client

2. Click quick connect

> Enter the host name

examples:, where 1 <= Y < 40, where 1 <= X < 17

> Enter your net ID
> Leave the port and Authentication Method on default settings
> Click Connect

3. Enter your password. Click ok

4. Create a new Directory in your home directory:

In the secure shell, type:
mkdir temp

Or in your Network Drive, create a new Folder and call it 'temp'

Put your tipgame.jar file in this directory (you can download straight
to this file or else move it there manually).

5. Open the temp directory in the secure shell.

From your home directory, type
cd temp

>Other Unix commands:
To see what directory you are currently in, type 'pwd'
To see the contents of the current directory, type 'ls'
To open a directory within the current directory, type 'cd' followed by the name of the directory to open
To go to your home directory (this is where you start by default when you log in), type cd and hit enter

6. Expand the JAR file

Once you are in the temp directory, type
jar -xvf tipgame.jar

This will extract the JAR file into the temp directory (you will see a bunch of extraction operation printouts in the secure shell - this is a good thing.

7. Run the Server

Inside your temp directory, type
java tipgame/net/Server

**NOTE** If you get this error:

it means the computer you are logged into is already in use. Try a different one (i.e. if you're on carr7, try carr8 or teer11). You will have to disconnect and reconnect to a different machine.

8. Your server should be ready to go! Now just run the program and use whatever computer you set up your server on as the host (i.e.