Compsci 4, FALL 2007

Introduction to Programming via
Animation and 3D Virtual Worlds

Course Announcements

Course Description:

CompSci 4 is an introductory programming course that teaches fundamental computer science concepts. This version of CompSci 4 uses the tool Alice to create 3-D virtual worlds. You will learn programming constructs such as looping, selection, and data structures, along with how to control objects (raise hands, flap wings, move, turn, spin, walk, etc.).

This is a hands on course. During class we will be working in pairs on the computer to design 3-D virtual worlds. Outside of class projects will be done in pairs and singly.

LAPTOP: If you have your own laptop, bring it to class. It will be much easier to keep all your work on your own laptop. There are also class laptops you can use. We use laptops almost everyday.

CompSci 4 will introduce you to the world of computer science and you will learn how to make impressive animations for your other courses or clubs. If you want to take a second computer science course after this course, CompSci 4 will prepare you for CompSci 6.

If you have taken CompSci 1, you can take this course. If you have taken CompSci 6 or CompSci 100 then you cannot get credit for this course.

Required Background:

No experience necessary, this is an introductory course.

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