CPS 214 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems: Syllabus

Here is the tentative schedule for lectures and assignment deadlines. All information is subject to change, and please check this page periodically for updated schedule.

Date Lecture Preparation Optional Reading Assignments
Mon, Aug 24 Course introduction Read Ch. 1 of [PD] Out: Form a team
Inter-networking Principles
Wed, Aug 26 Placing Functions Read End-to-End
Read 2.1-2.5 of [PD]

Mon, Aug 31 Design Philosophy Read DesignPhil
Read Ch. 2.6-2.10 of [PD]
Tussle Out: Project ideas
Due: Team list
Wed, Sept 2 Historic Design Read CerfDesign ALF
Large Scale Switching
Mon, Sept 7 Scaling
Read Ch. 3 of [PD] and FatTree
Wed, Sept 9 Load Balancing
Fault Tolerance
Read VL2 Portland
Mon, Sept 14 Routing Basics Read Ch. 4 of [PD] and BGP Routing Notes
Wed, Sep 16 BGP and challenges Read Stable, Infer Convergence
Out: Hw1
Mon, Sept 21 Project Time. No class. Due: Initial project proposal
Wed, Sept 23 Advanced Routing Read Pathlet Routing Deflections, NIRA
Mon, Sept 28 Multicast Read Reliable Multicast  E2E Multicast, Receiver-Driven Multicast
Resource Sharing
Wed, Sept 30 Congestion Control Read Ch. 6 of [PD] and XCP Congestion Avoidance, AIMD, RED
Mon, Oct 5 Fall Break. No Class.
Wed, Oct 7 Fair Queuing Read WFQ DRR, CSFQ Due: Hw1
Out: sample midterm, Hw2
Mon, Oct 12 QoS Read Future IntServ
Wed, Oct 14 Midterm
Mon, Oct 19 DNS Read DesignDNS Akamai, DNS MisConfig
DNSSEC Deployment,
Due: hw2
Wed, Oct 21 DHT Read Chord Kademlia, Survey
Peer-to-Peer Networks
Mon, Oct 26 Filesharing Read BitTyrant Bittorrent
Wed, Oct 28 P2P streaming Read Coolstreaming  Skype
Social Networks
Mon, Nov 2 Social Graph and Trust Read Ostra SmallWorld, Measurement
Wed, Nov 4 Privacy Read Persona FaceTrust
Network Diagnosis
Mon, Nov 9 Generic Diagnosis Read Sherlock Orion
Wed, Nov 11 Detailed Diagnosis Read NetMedic IPTV Diagnosis
Network Security
Mon, Nov 16 Cryptographic Tools and Protocols Read Ch. 8 of [PD] Due: project interim report 
Wed, Nov 18 Botnets Read Botlab Torpig, Botgraph, Wealth
Mon, Nov 23 Spam Read SpamAlytics Read Scam, Not-a-bot Due: Hw3

Wrapping Up
Mon, Nov 30 Class Presentation
Sat, Dec 12 Final Exam (2pm-5pm)
Last updated: 08/22/2009