CompSci 94 Fall 2013: Assignment #3

PART 1 Due: Tuesday, Sept 17 - beginning of class
PART 2 Due: Thursday, Sept 19 - 11:59pm

20 points

The purpose of this assignment is for you to create two Alice worlds, one an animation of your choice, using both design and implementation, and using concepts you've learned from Chapter 2.

This is individual work.

You may talk to other students in the course about your design and for ideas, but you are to write the complete Alice programs by yourself. You may receive help from the Professor, UTA's or TA.

These parts must be done in order! (Part 1 first, then Part 2).

Problem 1

You are to create a storyboard and an Alice world for this problem, and create an html page that describes the story with at least two pictures from the world. Name your world in the format: netid-asg3-magnet.a2w where netid is your Duke Netid. For example, if your netid is abc2, then name your world abc2-asg3-magnet.a2w. Don't put blanks in the name!

Objects: Add into the world AliceLiddell (from the people folder), a magnet (from the Objects folder), four small magnetic objects of your choice such as an alarm clock in the Objects folder and one large magnetic object of your choice such as a car or large vehicle.

Setup: Place the magnet in Alice's hand and place the other objects in a circle around Alice.

Story: For each small object, Alice will turn and face the object and have her arm point the magnet at the object and the object will come to and attach to the magnet. You can have the item then either stick to the magnet or drop and fall to the ground. Then Alice will turn and face the large object and say something (like "yikes") and slowly be drawn to the large item.

Be sure to ALWAYS comment your code including a comment in your program with your name and date, and comments for sections of your code.

Problem 2

You are to create a storyboard, and an Alice world of your choice that must have the following requirements (see below), and an html page describing your world with at least two pictures of your world. Name your world with your Duke Netid followed by a dash and asg3. For example, if your Netid is abc24 then your world would be named abc24-asg3-problem2.a2w.

  1. You must have at least 4 objects.
  2. You must create at least one person from the people builders (in the People folder all the way to the right there is a he-builder and a she-builder).
  3. The objects must interact with each other in the following ways. There must be at least one occurence of each of the following between some pair of objects.
  4. One object should say something.
  5. You should use 3D text.
  6. You must use the DoTogether and Do In Order blocks, including some nesting of these blocks.
  7. You should have at least three camera views and change between them.
  8. Your animation should be different than the animations we have done in class.
  9. Always comment your code including a comment with your name and date, and comments for sections of your code.

Part 1: Due Sept. 17 in class

Turn in storyboards for both problems 1 and 2. You should have at least four scenes (and no more than 10) with a picture (sketch), a list of objects and a written description (underneath scenes) of what happens in the scene. This is due at the beginning of class!

Part 2: Due Sept. 19, 11:59pm

Implement your design and create an Alice world for both problems 1 and 2. Be sure your animations have all the requirements listed above.

This part will be turned in two ways.

  1. Turn in the two Alice .a2w files on the assignment page on the CompSci 94 webpage (NOT ON SAKAI) and also turn in a README file (a text file named README.txt). Put in the README.txt file

    You can upload the three files one at a time and then submit them (prefered, try this first) OR you can place the three files in a .zip folder and upload the .zip folder. If you decide to create a .zip folder, place both of the alice worlds and the README.txt file in a folder named assign3-netid where netid is your duke NETID. Don't place any other files in this folder. Then upload the .zip file on the assignment page.

  2. FOR BOTH PROBLEMS: Create an html page that has at least two pictures of the world and a description of what happens in the world.

  3. Link to both html pages from your CompSci 94 page. We will look for it on your web page. You must remember to link to both html pages or we will not be able to find them and give you credit.