CompSci 94 Fall 2013: Assignment #7

PART 1, Partner Name, Due: Tuesday, Nov 12
PART 2, StoryBoard, Due: Tuesday, Nov 19 - beginning of class - includes partner's name.
PART 3, Virtual World and Html, Due: Thursday, Nov 21 - 11:59pm
PART 4, DEMO your world - in class Dec 3 or Dec 5

30 points

You may work with one other student. If you decide to work with a partner, you must submit your partner's name and list your partner on your storyboard. Then turn in one storyboard and one world. I must know if you are using a partner, and who the partner is.

Working with a partner means you should meet together when writing the code.

If you choose to work alone, you may talk to other students in the course about your design and for ideas, but you are to write the complete Alice program by yourself. You may receive help from the Professor, UTA's or TA.

These parts must be done in order! (Part 1 first, then Part 2, then Part 3, then Part 4).

The Problem: Requirements

  1. Create an interactive game or interactive story. That means you must have events!
  2. Instructions for playing the game or navigating the story must be displayed in the world at the beginning or as they are needed during the game or story.
  3. Your program should be well designed and use many functions and/or methods, each with a designated purpose and a comment.
  4. You must have at least one scene change and one camera change other than the scene change.
  5. You must use either an array or list somewhere in your world. If it doesn't fit in with what you plan to do, then use it as an intro or finish to your world.
  6. See the tutorial on Texture mapping. You must create an object in your world that is created using some texture mapping. You should write a note in the readme file saying which object you texturized.
  7. The presentation must be nice. 20% of Part 2's grade is on presentation.
  8. For this assignment, you will turn in your world on the submit form on the CompSci 94 web page and have an html page describing your world (how to play the game or navigate the story) linked to from your CompSci 94 web page. In addition to putting this html page off your CompSci 94 web page, you will also turn it in, including your picture files.
  9. All worlds must use appropriate material. No profanity, nudity, strong violence or anything else inappropriate.
  10. If you use music, your world will get large fast. Only use small clips from songs and play them over and over if you want. Note that you should not use a clip longer than 30 seconds as that is a copyright violation. You can use audacity to clip a sound if you want. You could also record short sounds if you want. This is optional.

Part 1 (1 pt): Submit whether or not you have a partner by November 12

You must let me know if you have a partner or not by November 12. Fill out this google form to let me know your partner's name or that you do not have a partner.

Part 2: (3 pts): Due November 19 in class

Turn in a storyboard. This storyboard will be taken up and returned after your project is graded. Please make a copy of it for your use.

Your storyboard should have the following:

Part 3 (20 pts): Due Nov 21, 11:59pm

Implement your design and create an Alice world. Be sure your animation has all the requirements listed above.

This part will be turned in on the web submit page on the CompSci 94 webpage. Submit the world along with a README file and your web page files.

PLEASE NOTE: Your README file must document the requirements for the assignment. For example tell whether you use an array or list, and what you used it for so the grader can find it. Explain which object has the texture mapping, etc.

If you have a partner, only one of you needs to turn it in. Make sure both names are listed as a comment in your world (first and last names). Be sure to include a README file with both names, how long you worked on the assignment and names of anyone you received help from.

You must also create a web page describing your world with at least two snapshots of your worlds. If you have a partner, you can create one web page and both link to it. In addition, you will also turn in your web page and associated files (figures that the web page refers to).

  • Name your alice world your "lastname-assign7". For example if your lastname is Smith, then name your alice world smith-assign7.a2w. Put both last names if you have a partner, smith-jones-assign7.a2w. Include both your names in a comment in myFirstMethod. Create a text file called README.txt to include a comment with your name and partner's name, how long you worked on the assignment and names of anyone you received help from. Also include if your world was created on a Mac or a PC. In addition, turn in a copy of your assignment 7 web page (.html file) and copies of the figures that your web page displays. (Note you are submitting your html page and also putting it up on the web, linked from your CompSci 94 webpage).

    Upload all these files and submit them OR put them in a folder, zip the folder and upload the .zipped folder.

    Part 4 (6 pts): DEMO - during class

    You must explain and demo your animation during class.

    We will vote on the best interactive game or story and there will be fabulous prizes.