CompSci 94 - Classwork 5 - Sept. 10, 2013
10 pts

Today's classwork goes along with Chapter 2, section 2 and Tips and Techniques.

The following three worlds need to be checked off when you have completed all of them.

  1. World 1: Build a snowman world for the following story.

  2. World 2: Check out Tips and Techniques 2 (the last part of chapter 2) to see how to do some of the things in this world.

    Create a new world with grass template called movement.a2w. Add a horse, a chicken and a helicopter, a monkey and a toyball (under sports folder) to the world and do the following.

  3. World 3: Start the world with water background and add in an island and a fish. The fish should be in front of the island half out of the water so you can see it well. You may have to resize the fish larger so you can see it better. Save this world with the name IslandFish.a2w. Implement the following story.