CompSci 94 - Classwork 12 - Oct, 10, 2013
10 pts

Today's classwork goes along with Chapter 6, Tips and Techniques. You will be using random values and variables.

Create one world with three animals, one animal that can change colors noticeably. (For example, if you change the color of the chicken, it is noticeable. If you try to change the color of the bunny, you don't see the change.) You might want to consider using cat, chicken and bunny. You may use this or substitute other animals or creatures (just make sure that one of them can change colors by trying it out).

You should write four event handlers. Some may need random values. For some you may need to create a local variable or a class variable. Think about which one is the correct one.

If you finish early, feel free to embelish your animations.