COMPSCI514/ECE558 Computer Networks: Course Project

The course project is a group project. The students form groups of two-to-four persons to complete the project. Each group has two options for completing the course project. For the first choice, you can take the approach reproducing networking research for your class project. That is, you can choose a research paper in the area of computer networks and choose the important results from that paper to reproduce. For the second option, you may choose to complete an original research project. Please talk to us first if you decide to take this path for your project.

If you take the first option, your project turn-ins will include the code you use to reproduce the results and a research report that answers the following questions:

  • What problem does the paper aim to address?

  • How did the authors address the problem? What are their key ideas and results? What challenges did they encounter and how did they overcome them?

  • Describe your approach to reproduce the results in detail. What tools did you use? How did you design your experiments? What software did you develop? What challenges did you encounter and how did you address those challenges? How did you configure your experimental settings and how did you run the experiments?

  • What are the drawbacks and advantages of your chosen approach?

  • Present your results and explain them in detail. Did your results match the original results? Did you discover any problem not mentioned in the original paper? If your results didn't match those of the original paper, please explain why. Describe the issues you encountered that prevented your results from matching the original results and the methods you used to resolve those issues.

  • Did you extend the original experiments? If so, please explain your extensions and their implications.

  • Provide a detailed step-by-step list of instructions on how to re-run your experiments to re-produce your results. We'll follow these steps to grade your project.

If you choose the second option, your turn-ins will include a report similar to a conference paper that describes your research and main contributions, and code that can reproduce your research results.

Important dates

  • Please submit a project proposal that describes what you plan to do before 11:44am on Oct 22, 2018.

  • In the final two lectures of the class (11/21, 11/26), you will be presenting your class project.

  • Final report and code are due before 11:59pm on Dec 8, 2018.