Using Eclipse in CompSci 4

For the purposes of these notes, we are going to deal with a project named Iliad and a package named homer. You need to substitute the actual names of project and package you want to work on. The details apply to the machines in 229 Social Sciences, the ICC. Other Windows environments are very similar.

Downloading Source Code Onto the Desktop

This copies the necessary files to your desktop. The first time, you need to download it from the course website. Once you worked on it and saved it on your acpub directory, you need to download it from there.

Using Eclipse

Saving Project

During class projects are saved on the desktop. Before leaving the lab be sure to save your project to your acpub account.

ICC Notes

For Eclipse use in the ICC, remember that someone else may have been using Eclipse since the last time you used it. They might have been using C++ rather than Java. Eclipse saves and restores its current environment. Sometimes this gets in the way. If it's clear that the last use was C++, try Window -> Open Perspective -> Java.