Using Eclipse in CompSci 4

Addendum for Creating Applets in Eclipse

For the purposes of these notes, we are going to deal with a project named Iliad and a package named homer and a class named Troy. You need to substitute the actual names of project, package, and class(es) you want to work on. The details apply to the machines in 229 Social Sciences, the ICC. Other Windows environments are very similar.

Using Eclipse

Local Testing

To run/test the applet on the local machine using a web browser (running it in Eclipse uses a piece of software called the appletviewer) you can do the following: (It is assumed that you have created myhomer.jar as shown in the previous step.)

Saving Project (Installing in Web Page Directory)

You should now have myhomer.jar and myhomer.html on you desktop. To allow access from any browser, these must be copied to the appropriate location on your acpub file system.