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Data-intensive Computing Systems: Course Schedule

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WeekDateTopicLecture slides and reference
101-07Introduction and overview Notes: pptx, pdf
201-12 Data Models html
01-14 Introduction to data storage Notes: ppt, pdf
301-21 Index-based access Notes: ppt, pdf
401-26 Index-based access (contd.) Notes: ppt, pdf
01-28 Google Bigtable html
502-02 Google Bigtable (contd.) html
02-04 Overview of query processing, Query rewrites Notes: ppt, pdf
602-09 Midterm1
02-11 Pipelining (iterators) and Materialization, Costing Notes: ppt, pdf
702-16 Sort processing Notes: ppt, pdf
02-18 Introduction to MapReduce html
802-23 Introduction to Spark Paper1, Paper2, Slides: pptx, Slides: pdf
02-25Introduction to Join processing Notes 10: ppt, pdf
903-02Sort-merge joins, Block and Index nested-loop joins, Hash joins Notes 10: ppt, pdf
03-04Cost-based Query Optimization Notes 11: ppt, pdf
1003-16Cost-based Query Optimization Notes 11: ppt, pdf
03-18Failure recovery, Logging, Checkpointing Notes 12: ppt, pdf
1103-23 Project demos
03-23 Concurrency control and Serializability Notes 13: ppt, pdf, Exercises
03-25 Concurrency control, locking Notes 14: ppt, pdf
1203-30 Midterm2