CPS 590.6: Algorithms in Real World

Instructor: Bruce Maggs (bmm@cs.duke.edu)
Instructor Office Hours: Wednesday after class
Class Meetings:WF 15:05-16:20 @ LSRC D106
TA: Yuanjun Yao (yjyao@cs.duke.edu)
TA Office Hours: M 15:30-17:30 @ LSRC D301

Course Structure: About 5 Assignments
1 Take Home Mid-Term
1 Take Home Final

1. Compression(.pdf)
2. Algorithms in Content Delivery(.pdf)

0. Introduction (.ppt) (.pdf) [old]
1. Introduction to Cryptography, AES (.ppt) (.pdf) [new]
2. Public-Key Cryptosystems, RSA (.ppt) (.pdf) [new]
3. Error Correcting Codes, Hamming Codes, Linear Codes (.ppt) (.pdf) [new]
4. Reed-Solomon Codes (.ppt) (.pdf) [recorded lecture][new]
5. Bitcoin (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture[new]
6. Content Delivery Network (.ppt) (.pdf)recorded lecture[new]
7. Algorithms in Content Delivery (.ppt)(.pdf)recorded lecture
8. Compression 1&2: Entropy, Huffman Codes, Arithmetic Codes (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
9. Compression 3: Run Length Coding; Move to Front; Residual Coding; Prediction by Partial Matching (PPM) (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
10. Compression4: Lempel-Ziv, Burroughs-Wheeler, ACB (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
11. Compression5: Transform Coding, JPEG, Wavelets, Compressing Graphs (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
12. Arithmetic (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
13. BGP (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
14. Suffix Tree (.ppt) (.pdf) recorded lecture
15. Linear Programming 1:Introduction, Geometric Interpretation, Simplex Method, Dual Formulation (.ppt) (.pdf) lecture1 lecture2
16. Linear Programming 2:Ellipsoid algorithm, Interior point methods (.ppt) (.pdf) lecture1 lecture2
17. Solving Linear Systems.(.ppt) (.pdf) lecture
18. Graph Separators.(.ppt) (.pdf)
19. Linear Programming3: Integer Programming.(.ppt) (.pdf)

The first assignment has been posted on Sakai and is due Wednsday (2/17) at midnight.
The second assignment has been posted on Sakai and is due Thursday (3/10) at midnight.