COMPSCI 356 Computer Network Architecture: Assignments

This page includes links to all course assignments, including labs and homeworks. All information is subject to change, and please check this page periodically for the updated schedule.

Note: All source code and source material must be submitted directly through Sakai. We will not accept links to external repositories such as DropBox, Google Drive, GitHub, and MicroSoft's SkyDrive.

For group work, we allow up to four persons per group.

Lab Due Grade
Lab 1 : An Echo Server Jan 29, 11:59pm
Lab 2 : Simple Router Feb 28 11:59pm
Lab 3 : RIP Apr 8, 11:59pm
Lab 4 (optional) : Congestion Control May 3, 11:59pm


Homework Due Solutions
Homework 1 Feb 12, 11:59pm
Homework 2 Apr 15, 11:59pm
Homework 3 Apr 22, 11:59pm
Last updated: 01/31/2019