CompSci 201, Spring 2020


Enjoy Assignment P7's

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Name AnalysisReflect Due Date
Assignment P0: Simple Java None None January 16
Assignment P1: NBody
Analysis Reflect January 30
Assignment P2: Markov Part 1
Analysis Reflect February 13
Assignment P3: Markov Part 2
(Efficient Markov)
Analysis Reflect February 27
Assignment P4: DNA-Link
Partner Form

Need New Partner Form

Video to get started on P4 with partner and gitlab.
ALso one fix around 8 mins in - edit your .gitignore file on line 3 to add: out/
Analysis Part 1 and Part 2 Reflect Part 1 due March 5 (Analysis and Partner form)
Part 2 due March 26 (Analysis Part2 and Code)
Assignment P5: Percolation

Request Partner Form by March 30

Tell us Your Partner or Solo Form
Analysis Reflect Part 1 due April 2 (Tell us Your Partner or Solo form)
Part 2 due April 9 (Analysis and Code)
Due to Exam 2, Grace period runs through Monday, April 13
Assignment P6: Huffman
None Reflect Due April 22, 11:59pm
Grace day only one day April 23
Assignment P7: Create (extra credit)
None Reflect Due April 22, 11:59pm
Grace with no penalty to Sunday, April 26, 11:59pm