CompSci 201, Spring 2020
Consulting Hours

Ways to get help in this class


    As of March 22, we now have virtual office hours! Login to MDH, and when the UTA is ready you will receive a zoom link from them. See hours below.

    Using Zoom with office hours:

    • The green "Share" button at the bottom of the Zoom window will be useful for sharing your screen with the UTA helping you. The first time you may need to edit your computer's privacy settings.
    • There is a white board in zoom where you can draw pictures.
    • If you have trouble using zoom, please post to Piazza and let us know what the issue is.

  2. Visit Prof. Rodger by zoom. Her hours will be posted here on the information page.

  3. Make an appointment to zoom with the graduate TAs Carol or Tan by filling out the form here

  4. Post your question to Piazza, the class bulletin board. If you added the class late you may need to join. See the announcement on Sakai on which site to join.

UTAs Consulting Hours

We are starting Virtual Consulting hours Sunday, March 22!

We are now using MDH with Zoom for UTA consulting hours. Login to MDH and when the UTA is ready for you, you will receive a message in MDH with a zoom link to connect to the UTA.

Hours are in EDT Time (Durham, NC time)

What do Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) look like?

Click here to see what all the UTAs and other staff look like.