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Duke University, Durham, NC

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There will be two one-week student camps on Alice July 7-11 and July 14-18 to teach middle school and high school students the Alice programming language and to have them build interactive stories and games. Professor Susan Rodger, five undergraduate students and middle school and high school teachers from the June workshop will run the camp.

Permission and additional forms

There is one short page of additional information you must fill out and bring the first day of camp so we can have up-to-date information about your child. In addition there are three permission forms we encourage you to fill out. The four pages are explained below. Please bring them on the first day of camp.

  1. An additional short info page with current information about food allergies, and drop off and pickup times.
  2. The camp includes a research component. Please see the parental permission form that explains the study. Please sign the form and bring it to camp on the first day if you would like your child to participate in the research study.
  3. There is a "Permission to use work" form. Signing this form gives us permission to use the Alice worlds your child creates in scholarly talks and publications and for advertising in print or online.
  4. There is a form entitled "Duke Health Enterprise - Duke Office of Creative Services". Duke may come to take pictures of the camp for Duke publications. I know this looks like a medical form, but this is the form they use for permission for photography. Please fill in the two starred areas if you give Duke permission to take photographs of your child attending the camp. I also know it says "while I (he/she) am (is) a patient..." This is the official form Duke uses for both the university and the medical center.

Download Forms for Week 1: July 7-11: Additional Info and three permission forms.

Download Forms for Week 2: July 14-18: Additional Info and three permission forms.


The Alice student camp will be held at the LSRC D106 and North N311 buildings that are beside each other off of Research Drive at Duke University from 9am-4pm. Extended hours from 8am to 5:30pm are also available. There is no parking close by, so there will be a designated drop off and pickup spot. Please see the phone number emailed to you to call if a counselor is not at the drop off/pickup spot.

Map and Directions