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Student Camp Week July 14-18 Worlds: Instructions

The Alice worlds built in the Adventures in Alice Camp Week 2 are available here for downloading.

Alice is available for FREE from . Download the Alice 2.0 version to view student worlds. This is the version we used at the camp which is pretty stable. You must start Alice first, and then load an Alice world (a .a2w file).

Alice 2.2 is available in Beta Version, but was very buggy, so we did not use it at the camp. It may be available in the fall. With Alice 2.2 you will be able to make a movie of your world and load it to YouTube.

Alice 3.0 will be out sometime in 2009 and will include the Sims characters.

How to Download Student Worlds

Student worlds have been put on the web page in two ways.

  • Zip file of all worlds for a student

    In this case, download the file, unzip it and you will have a folder of all their Alice worlds. This file will likely be very large and take a while to download, but this is probably the easiest way to get all the worlds from one student.

  • Each individual Alice world

    In this case, click on the Alice world and save it on your computer. An Alice world has the .a2w extension, for example: cowWorld.a2w It is likely that your computer does not know about Alice worlds and ignores the .a2w extension and even changes the name of the file to IF THIS HAPPEN, DO NOT EXTRACT files from it, but rather RENAME the file to cowWorld.a2w. If you cannot rename it, you can still view it inside Alice if when loading it you select to browse ALL FILE types, and not just .a2w files. Then you can load

Student Alice Worlds