Adventures in

Alice Programming

Duke University, Durham, NC

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NOTE: This material was used for a workshop for middle school and high school teachers and a camp for middle school kids and is currenlty being reworked. The final polished handouts will appear on the "Tutorials and Examples" pages as they are completed, by sometime in July or August 2008.

The workshop will include 120 contact hours for middle and high school teachers, meeting from 8:30am-5pm each day with a lunch break.

Here is the real schedule for teachers of what we actually did.

Each of the first two weeks will be a mix of learning and experimenting with Alice, and developing Alice curriculum materials that fit best with the way teachers plan to integrate Alice into their courses. For some teachers, this will be Alice modules, and for others it may be an entire Alice course. Duke Faculty and students will be providing support in this development.

Under Construction in June/July 2008

This page will be modified each day to show what we actually did that day. After the workshop is over we will organize the material in a better way and put it on the tutorials and examples page.

Week 1: June 16-20, 2008

Monday, Day 1

Tuesday, Day 2

  • Alice Examples shown
  • Storyboard -> Code (in Day 1 folder)
  • Tutorial: Methods
  • Revisiting translational and rotational motion (in Day 1 folder)
  • Functions (built-in) and parameters (built-in only, through slide 10)
  • Camera Control
  • (through Slide 10)
  • Participants work on building a world for their storyboard

Wednesday, Day 3

Thursday, Day 4

Friday, Day 5

Week 2: June 23-27, 2008

Monday, Day 6

Tuesday, Day 7

Wednesday, Day 8

Thursday, Day 9

Friday, Day 10

Week 3 First Option: July 7-11, 2008

This week will involve approximately half of the teachers. They will continue development of materials and will try some of the modules out on students attending a summer camp.

Monday, Day 11

Tuesday, Day 12

Wednesday, Day 13

  • Students
    • Part 2 and 3 of Kangaroo Visit
    • Parts 1-3 of ChangeColor
    • Lists example
    • Work on Worlds
    • Animation Fair

  • Teachers
    • Work on Lesson Plans
    • Watch student Animation Fair and Other Demos
    • buildingBlockGame.a2w - building block game example

Thursday, Day 14

  • Students
    • Answer Questions World
    • Score and Timer - Click a Cow
    • Work on Worlds
    • Billboard from image
    • Record Simple Sounds

  • Teachers
    • Work on Lesson Plans
    • Present and Evaluate Lesson Plans
    • Alice Demo

Friday, Day 15

  • Students
    • BDE, build a billboard with paint, arrays?
    • Arrays
    • PostTest
    • Work on Worlds
    • Animation Fair
    • Collect Worlds from Students

  • Teachers
    • Work on Lesson Plans
    • Present and Evaluate Lesson Plans

Week 3 Second Option: July 14-18, 2008

This week is an alternative third week for teachers and will be run in the same manner as the other week 3 option.

Monday, Day 16

Tuesday, Day 17

Wednesday, Day 18

  • Students
    • Write a function - chicken change color
    • Random numbers - snowman change color randomly
    • BDE
    • Memory game
    • Mini animation fair

  • Teachers
    • memoryGame.a2w - Example of adding to a list while the animation is running.
    • BDE
    • Lesson Plans

Thursday, Day 19

  • Students
    • Score
    • Billboards - images and paint
    • Ask Questions
    • Scene change - fade to black, change ground texture
    • Sound
    • Work on worlds for animation fair

  • Teachers
    • Lesson Plans
    • Presentations

Friday, Day 20

  • Students
    • Work on Worlds
    • Timer
    • Animation Fair

  • Teachers
    • Lesson Plans, finish up