Adventures in

Alice Programming

Duke University, Durham, NC

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The workshop for high school and middle school teachers will include 120 contact hours, meeting from 8:30am-5pm each day with a lunch break.

Here is a tentative schedule for the teachers.

Each of the first two weeks will be a mix of learning and experimenting with Alice, and developing Alice curriculum materials that fit best with the way teachers plan to integrate Alice into their courses. For some teachers, this will be Alice modules, and for others it may be an entire Alice course. Duke Faculty and students will be providing support in this development.

Week 1: June 16-20, 2008

Monday, Day 1

  • Introduction to using Alice
  • Motion (translation and rotation) during scene set-up
  • Problem Solving and Storyboard Design (Participants work on building a simple Alice storyboard)
  • Storyboard -> Code
  • Revisiting translational and rotational motion

Tuesday, Day 2

  • Functions (built-in) and parameters
  • Interactivity and Events
  • Camera Control
  • Participants work on building a world for their storyboard

Wednesday, Day 3

  • Repetition
  • 3D Animation Tips
  • Sound
  • Work session: Build a storyboard for an MTV video or commercial, at least four frames

Thursday, Day 4

  • Group reviews, discussions of storyboards (Storyboards on the wall)
  • Sample Student Projects (Presentation and discussion)
    • Group discussion: How to grade them?
    • Our grading rubrics
  • Work Session: Build a world from storyboard (second one)

Friday, Day 5

Week 2: June 23-27, 2008

Monday, Day 6

  • Lists
  • Our instructional materials & those from Virginia Beach Workshop
  • State and CSTA curriculum guidelines
  • Work session: pairs make topic lists

Tuesday, Day 7

  • Mutable variables
  • Presentation of topic lists from Day 6
  • Sample unit plan - presentation
  • Alice exams
  • Work session: pairs develop a unit plan (related to topic lists)

Wednesday, Day 8

  • Advanced Functions
  • Presentations of unit plans from Day 7
  • Sample lesson plan - presentation
  • Work session: in pairs develop a lesson plan and build a demo world (the lesson plan should be related to their previous unit plan)

Thursday, Day 9

  • Array/Lists
  • Presentation of lesson plans and demo worlds
  • Work session: in pairs, build a second lesson plan, including a project assignment

Friday, Day 10

  • Transitioning to Java (mostly for H.S.)
  • Presentation of second lesson plan and project assignment
  • What the participants are expected to do, going forward
  • Planning for week 3

Week 3 First Option: July 7-11, 2008

This week will involve approximately half of the teachers. They will continue development of materials and will try some of the modules out on students attending a summer camp.

Week 3 Second Option: July 14-18, 2008

This week is an alternative third week for teachers and will be run in the same manner as the other week 3 option.