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Workshop Schedule June 28-July 2, 2009

There will be a one-week workshop June 28 - July 2, 2009 for teachers who received an acceptance notice. This workshop will be held from Sunday 1-6pm, Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm in LSRC D106 and includes lunch and snacks. There is no charge for the workshop.

Please see the logistics page for directions, parking passes, and housing at the Brookwood Inn. If you need housing, you must pay for your own housing. We recommend the Brookwood as we have gotten a low rate, breakfast is included, and it is in walking distance of the workshop (or take the shuttle).

Please bring a laptop (PC or Mac) with you. We have a few laptops for people to use but you will have to share if too many want to borrow a laptop. These laptops can only be used during the day and cannot be taken at night.

This is a hands-on workshop. We will be teaching you Alice 2.2 and working with you on ideas as to how you can integrate Alice into your courses. It is best to download Alice 2.2 onto your laptop from before you come if you can. Alice 2.2 works well at all levels (3rd grade - 12th grade). We will talk about other versions of Alice at the workshop, but will focus on Alice 2.2.

Sunday, Day 1

  • Introduction/Welcome Slides
  • Introduction Space Tutorial
  • Motivation/Examples Slides
  • Alice Examples shown
  • Note: When downloading an Alice example, your computer may rename it as a .zip file. If that happens, do not unzip it, but rather rename it by replacing the .zip with .a2w.

    • Kitty Story
    • Spanish Quiz World - spanish language quiz example of Alice
    • Frogger Game - Interactive game - move frogger from one lily pad to the other with arrow keys.
    • Eragon - Includes four tasks, interactive, score, timer
    • DDR
    • Hot Spot Volcano
    • Duke student first year at Duke
    • Math Coordinate Plane world
  • Skaterworld tutorials - Part 1
  • Introductions of teachers
  • Demographics survey

Monday, Day 2
Tuesday, Day 3
  • 2D heads bodies
  • Penguin and Boy intro to functions
  • Kangaroo Visit Friends - method with parameters
  • Texture mapping
  • Lists
  • Alice Examples shown
    • Antartica
    • Halloween
    • Scarab Beatle Demo
    • Gravity Demo
    • Kristin's Dancing Chicken
    • Jason's rescue person
    • Solar System
    • School Safety

Wednesday, Day 4
  • Change color cycling and random when click on object
  • Make fancy chicken and save it out
  • How to create your own folders in object library
  • scene change
  • Dive tour
  • Alice cookies on the web
  • Mac differences with Alice (write up a sheet)
Thursday, Day 5
  • BDE
  • Difference between while/if in myfirstMethod and in event
  • How to make a movie
  • VCL
  • Questions Quiz
  • Alice 3 demo
  • Evaluation/Feedback
  • Timer Tutorial (Pinata Game)
  • Link to Squared 5
  • Alice Examples shown
    • WalkOff Memory Game
    • Penguin Memory Game
    • Build the stack of Blocks
    • Tic Tac Toe Game
    • Wack-a-mole (lists, loops, randomness)
    • Pinata