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Alice Programming

Duke University, Durham, NC

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Workshop Schedule July 29-30, 2010

This is a two day workshop on Alice that is part of a longer workshop on Project Lead the Way (Engineering) run by Nancy Shaw. Out team is presenting the first two days of our 5 day workshop.

This is a hands-on workshop. We will be teaching you Alice 2.2 and working with you on ideas as to how you can integrate Alice into your courses. It is best to download Alice 2.2 onto your laptop from before you come if you can. Alice 2.2 works well at all levels (3rd grade - 12th grade). We will talk about other versions of Alice at the workshop, but will focus on Alice 2.2.

Monday, Day 1

  • Introduction and Motivation (.pptx) and (pdf)
  • Introduction Space Tutorial
  • Motivation Part 2 Slides (.pptx) and (pdf)
  • Alice Examples shown
  • Note: When downloading an Alice example, your computer may rename it as a .zip file. If that happens, do not unzip it, but rather rename it by replacing the .zip with .a2w.

    • Frogger Game - Interactive game - move frogger from one lily pad to the other with arrow keys.
    • Eragon - Includes four tasks, interactive, score, timer
    • SarahPalinFall08.a2w - SarahPalin Rescue Husband Todd world
    • Hot Spot Volcano
    • Math Coordinate Plane world
    • Kitty Story
    • PJ's Dream
  • Princess and Dragon Tutorial - Parts 1 and 2
Tuesday, Day 2