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Workshops 2011

There will be two different types of Alice workshops in June and July 2011 at Duke. There will be a two-week workshop for new teachers beginning with Alice and a 2-day followup workshop for teachers who attended a previous Alice workshop at Duke.

Thanks to funding from NSF and IBM these workshops are free, include lodging for teachers not in driving distance, include free breakfast and lunch, free parking and contact hours for CEU credits.

General Information/Preparation

Click here for information about logistics including lodging, and parking.

Please bring a laptop (PC or Mac) with you. We have a few laptops for people to use but you will have to share if too many want to borrow a laptop. These laptops can only be used during the day and cannot be taken at night.

This is a hands-on workshop. We will be teaching you Alice 2.2 and working with you on ideas as to how you can integrate Alice into your courses. It is best to download Alice 2.2 onto your laptop from before you come if you can. Alice 2.2 works well at all levels (3rd grade - 12th grade). We will talk about other versions of Alice at the workshop, but will focus on Alice 2.2.

Two-Week Alice Workshops for Teachers to Learn Alice

There will be one two-week introductory Alice workshop in July 2011 for teachers who have never programmed in Alice before that want to learn Alice for use in elementary, middle and high schools. These teachers will also attend a one-week followup workshop in July 2012.

This is a free workshop that includes free housing (must share a room, no housing on weekend in between), breakfast, lunch, breaks, parking and 60 contact hours for education credits. There is a small stipend. Travel is not included. Participants are expected to pay for their own travel to the workshop.

This workshop is targetted towards K-12 teachers (mostly 5th-12th grade) that would like to learn how they can integrate the Alice programming language into their curriculum and their students can integrate Alice programming into projects. Alice can be integrated into all types of disciplines: social studies, mathematics, language arts, science, technology, business, foreign language, music, art, etc.

  • The dates for the two-week workshop are:
    • July 11-15, 2011 and July 18-22, 2011 (9am-4pm each day, breakfast from 8:30-9am)
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Followup Workshop for Previous Participants

There will be a two-day followup workshop at Duke for teachers who attended previous Alice workshops at Duke. These workshops will include teacher presentations on their use on Alice and learning new Alice material. These are free workshops that include lodging for those not local, lunch, breaks, parking, and 11 contact hours for credits. There are no stipends nor travel funds for this workshop.

  • The dates for the 2-day followup workshop are:
    • Wednesday June 22, 2011 (10:30am-4pm) - Thursday June 23, 2011, (9am-4pm).
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Alice Symposium

There are no plans for an Alice Symposium in summer 2011, but we are likely to hold another Alice Symposium in the future.