Adventures in Alice Workshop- TIDBITS - June/July 2011

Summary of how to use Scene change

  1. If you want to change the ground texture, you need to drop in the super ground and make the original ground invisible and also move it down 200 meters out of the way. If you are not changing the ground texture you don't need superGround.
  2. To use the fade to black and fade back in.
    1. You must create two world variables storeAtmosphereColor and storeAmbientLightColor.
    2. Setup your camera views
    3. Write the fadeIn and fadeOut methods.
    4. Write methods for each scene.
    5. Put the following in myFirstMethod in this order.
      1. Save the old atmosphereColor and ambientLightColor by storeAmbientLightColor set to ambientLightColor duration = 0 storeAtmosphereColor set to atmosphereColor duration = 0
      2. do the setup for scene 1 such as moving to the camera view for scene 1 and changing the ground texture. You may want to set the duration to 0 for these things so they happen instantly.
      3. Play scene 1.
      4. Fade to black by calling fadeOut
      5. Setup for scene 2 - change camera view, change ground texture and anything else you need to do to setup scene 2
      6. fade back in by calling fadeIn
      7. Play scene 2
      8. fadeOut
      9. Setup for scene 3 - camera view and ground texture
      10. fadeIn
      11. play Scene 3

World variables, class variables, local variables and parameters