From: Richard Lucic 
To: Susan Rodger 
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 14:41:28 -0400
Subject: VCL Connection Issues


Here is the URL for downloading RDC for Windows XP.  I think this version
also works in Windows 7, although the description is not that clear.

I have attached the instructions for Windows 7 and for the Mac.

Here is the login info I got from NCSU.  It looks like most people were
trying to log in with the wrong password.  Even though I reserved some time
for the class, each individual still needs to log in and set a reservation
in order to receive authentication credentials for the RDC.  Briefly, these
are the steps:

1. Log into the VCL website with the account credentials I provided, and
make a reservation for immediate access.

2. The website will come back with a IP address, a username, and a
password.  These three items must then be entered into RDC.  The username
will be the same as on the slip of paper, but the password is different.
In other words, there is difference between the account credentials (on the
slip of paper) and the RDC VCL environment credentials (obtained from the
reservation screen).

It looks like most people were trying to log in with the password on the
slip of paper rather than the password provided by the reservation screen.
I tried this with one of the temporary accounts and it worked fine for me.
Sorry, I did not make this point clearer in my comments.  I'll make sure I
do that next time.


Susan H. Rodger
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