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Astronaut/Humvee Exercise

Write an Alice world with the following story.


Setup a scene on the moon with an astronaut (from the space folder) and a Humvee (from the vehicles folder), so it looks like this:


Continue the story. The astronaut should say "Hello from the moon" and wave. Then the astronaut should say "Press W and I will wave again"

Hint: The "wave part" should be a method since it repeats more than once. Should it be a "world" method or an "astronaut" method?


Continue the story. The astronaut should say "I will get in the Humvee". and then "Then use the arrow keys to move me around". Then move the astronaut to the humvee with head sticking out and facing the same direction as the humvee. Add code so the arrow keys will move the humvee and astronaut around the moon.